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welcome world!
this is my first post on this thesis blog —

i am currently doing my thesis on CIID, copenhagen institute of interaction design

this is an open sketchbook, a place to keep track of links, thoughts and inspiration. but also a way of communicating to the world — so please, if you feel like contributing, do comment or write to me: uglenbatman [at] gmail [dot] com — i would love to get feedback on my ideas

so… lets just delve right into it:

presenting, my updated thesis statement:

1) what do you want your thesis to be in your life?
an opportunity to delve deep into something which really interests me – also to create a research foundation for further studies/phD/residency in the future – effectively positioning myself as a creative nerd

2) what interests you? Which domain?
beauty of data
visualization of data
light design

artificial intelligence and distributed intelligence
neural networks
generative design

dealing with the lowest possible resolution
finding the essential data package / the salt of the world

physical properties of materials and light

nature, simplicity vs. complexity, scale-ability

loss of control, errors, iteration, mutation

3) which skills you want to rely on?
engineering, mechatronics
artistic vision and sensibility

4) which skills you want to challenge?
simulation: artificial intelligence and generative algorithms
artistic vision
do full iterative cycles, preferably shifting back and forth between simulation and physical prototypes

5) who you want to work with?
david mellis, david cuartielles, fellow students
but also be inspired by materials & software


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