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OK, so i have now gone through the two first weeks of my thesis project — a lot of different ideas have been tested, sketched, discarded and re-configured. i’ve turned away from the very simplistic and organically driven installation type project, towards a more traditional product development assignment with materials and technologies i am familiar with. after all, i only have two and a half months to do all of this. phew.

along the way i did some testing with toys, misc rubber balls with motors in them, and the result was too vague and hard to control for me. i am very interested in communication between objects, and so it seems obvious that i should use some kind of platform which can display txt. following up on some initial research done during the dubmate project, i have decided to build an open input/output platform, based on cheap and available hardware and software. this will (hopefully) allow me to produced objects enough to experiment within the fields of distributed intelligence, and also it will offer me an oppotunity to work on my skills as a product designer, creating PCBs, casing and documentation.

all in all i am really thrilled and happy about the way this project is turning out.


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