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man i’m fucked by the internet: i am currently working on a small asus eee 900, since my zepto burned down. although the eee is sweet and all, ever since i upgraded to ubuntu 9.04, it’s gotten some serious problems with wireless internet at school. fuck.

[EDIT: this seems to be a general problem, as my classmate has the same problems with his powerbook and OSX. so, now i have asked IT support to open an ethernet port in the studio. back to wired internet…]

i realized yesterday i hadn’t posted anything to this blog for more than a month and i attribute this to the fact that the internet connection i am dealing with is so dreadful at school. (i am writing from home now. grrr)

also, this sunday (and some of yesterday night) i spent surfing the shiny, shiny internet, and found sooooo many cool related projects (see my delicious links) — projects i simply haven’t seen before, because of crappy internet access.

so here goes internet wizards, hear my cry: help! i need internet!!

the rest of this day is dedicated to getting a somewhat decent internet hookup on my eee.


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  1. yay>>> my prayers were heard! i now have a nice and stable connection through my ethernet port. ah, bliss.

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