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here is a somewhat nicer rendition of my design layout

design sketch



  1. Great design Jonas I love it !

    I’ve blogged it here:

    If it was all up to me I’d have two more knobs for some filter cut-off & resonance but all in all it’s a fab concept.

    Well done !

  2. ah, thanks a lot! this means a lot to me — following you writings about the arduino pocket piano has been a great inspiration while doing this project, so its great to hear from you here.
    i’ll consider the extra knobs, but i’m really running out of pins on the atmega328 in this design, so i don’t know if it will be possible to squeeze it in… let’s see. i’m working on the PCB these days, so i should know soon.
    also, the knob is a rotary encoder, not a potentiometer, so this combined with buttons and the LCD screen, should allow for good fluent control of many settings with only one knob. only one at the time though.
    jacob (not jonas)

  3. Oops…. sorry for slashing you name 😛

    keep it up !

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