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with a week to go of the project (before examination that is, i am planning to continue developing on this platform) i now have a fully assembled and relatively sturdy prototype up and running:


this will be the design for this iteration of the platform. right now i am designing the PCBs, so hopefully in a couple of days if will have something real and neat to play on. i had to give up on proper internal amplification and speakers, so i will use mobile phone speakers for now.

right now the feature list is as follows:

  • atmega328 processor
  • 12bit DAC sound
  • 16 LEDs run through shift registers for sequencing control
  • LCD display
  • rotary encoder for multi purpose tweaking
  • stylophone keyboard
  • expression control through body switches
  • wireless receiver and transmitter through infrared light (control your synth with your remote control!)
  • passive volume control
  • 5 navigational keys and 1 home key (can be expanded with shoulder keys)

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