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with the PCB finally sent to production, i now have the final specifications and dimesions for the board, and with a quite compact size of 160x137mm it is a real gameboy killer!

eagle layout

the first prototype batch will be produced in only 5 copies, via cogras wonderful 24hr PCB service. so i should be able to assemble one tomorrow already. exiting!

thanks a lot to david cuartielles of 1scale1 for helping me out with the final eagle CAD tweaks.

next up: designing a nice casing, and programmingprogrammingprogramming…



  1. When its all said and done.. will you consider selling kits?

  2. yes! definitely 🙂 let’s see how it works out with the 1st prototype 😉 but i am definitely planning to do some kind of microfinacing for this, to let the project live on and evolve… something like so interested people can sign up, and we can produce proper silkscreened PCBs and get all the components when enough have signed on.

  3. Well count me as interested 😀

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