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yay! the PCBs finally came, and after a day of soldering and debugging, i’ve finally arrived at the assembled prototype.

go to my flickr stream, to see more pictures.



  1. Wouw…..jeg vil gerne være den første køber!!
    Tillykke, mand! Den er fanme flot

  2. Damn you !

    now I want one 🙂

    Excellent job !

  3. Way to go!!!

    Nice to see the displays finally used for something cool.


  4. +1

  5. Cool beautiful project.

  6. wow
    i want one toooo!
    will it be released as a kit?
    midi would be great…

    good work!

  7. yes i am planning a kit 🙂 watch this space

    midi is available through FTDI USB cable, which is the cable you program it through….

    or you could make some IR MIDI add-on to an arduino board?

  8. looking forward to the kit! i just got an arduino myself and did the hello-worldy things. what you have here is an epic!

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