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i need a better name for the synth…. cheap, fat and open has served me well for the project, as it was a good and catchy way to describe my own design brief… but it’s not so great for an instrument / platform… so, internet, what do you think? any ideas? please comment them here.

here are some candidates:

  • little fatty
  • the frankensynth
  • stylobit
  • anything italian related to cheap, fat and open (it is, after all, arduino based)
  • please add to the list


  1. sonny windstrup says [via facebook]: apertomonica

  2. open8bit/openbit

  3. “anything italian related to cheap, fat and open (it is, after all, arduino based)”

    The third base mobile.

  4. Blinkensynth (I love that LED sequencer)

    Gruba Berta (Fat Berta, google it)

    Fat + Arduinio = Fattuino 😉

  5. peter, this you gotta explain! the third base mobile? hm… italian (overweight) girls go all the way? or?

  6. belleffatto

  7. Stylarduinio.



    Fattuchini.(like the pasta)

  8. Phatsynth

    – but i like belleffatto

    • elusiveneutrino
    • Posted September 28, 2009 at 4:17 pm
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    Nothing really says cheap, fat, and certainly open (…as in legs … as in for biznaaay…) like yermom dude…

    Call it the yerma or something cuz it’s a sure bet that underneath it all yerma is undoubtedly cheap, fat, and open.

    Your mom is fat.

  9. Well, alle synths har vel et nr?! Så det kan man vel ikke undvære (-:

    fat 2000
    frankensynth 2000

    og derudaf

  10. Nærmest alle synths har et nr…så det kunne også være tilfældet her, såsom

    Fat 2000
    Frankensynth 2000
    Little fatty 2000

    se, alt bliver bedre med nr på

  11. CH-OP!

  12. it seems that CHEAP, FAT and OPEN sticks….. i tried doing a brainstorm on this during the robodays workshop, but the participants all agreed the CHEAP, FAT and OPEN was about as cool as a name could get.

    but thanks for all the suggestions! a lot of them are very inspirational for possible additions / future projects 😉

  13. master blaster!

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