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i’ve been invited to do a workshop with the platform at this years robo days in odense. the workshop will be quite open, and will focus on developing the platform further in the direction that the workshop participants might have in relation to electronic music and the platform. there are still a few free spaces for the workshop, so contact me if you are interested.

the workshop will be on in the odense public library this friday the 11th from 10-18 and on saturday the 12th from 10-14. the library of odense, has kindly offered us use of their studio, to record the results of the experiments.

also, throughout thursday the 10th the platform will be on display in the library. come by, and try it out! later thurday evening, at a special robodays dinner event, i will perform with my chip tune band la belle indifference, on the platform and gameboys running LSDJ.

i am really looking forward to seeing what will happen during this workshop!


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  1. italian, ey…


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