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suddenly i got struck by reality. not being a student work full time on this project anymore, time really flies fast! so sorry for the long silence. i’ve been busy with life stuff: getting money, food etc.

but hey! CFO still lives (it just smells funny?) with two workshops done (one at NOTCH09 in beijing, china — more on this soon), and a lot of positive feedback from participants and all you guys out there on the interweb, i feel very confident that this platform can go places.

so without further ado: a small resume of the robodays workshop which has been lying around in my drafts for ages:

playing through a homemade filter-amp

we had such a nice time at robo days this year around, developing the platform, and jamming CHEAP, FAT and OPEN style!

i was really happily suprised to see how musical it turned out, and how diverse sounds the little platform could produce in its early stage. to document the sounds this little beast can create, i have create a bandcamp site for CFO, so go and have a listen. 3 CFOs got to jam along with a saxophone and some drum machines (606 and 727, plus a bizarre and very cool bass drum synth), and there is also a little bit of ableton live beats/chords in there. but most sounds are made by the platform.

jamming together went very smooth, once we got the IR sync working with MIDI from ableton, via processing and arduino. very nice. and fun!


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