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CFO MFRU 2010 edition

new edition has bugs fixed from 1st version, larger screen (16×2 characters) and i’ve added an op amp with bass boost and distortion feature, design by blushing boy, AKA david cuartielles. taken from his smapler board.

a few extra design goodies have been added, like walkman-like volume control, and a pixel ghost for extra prototyping.

i am only making 25 pcs. some will be sold at piksel, some at MFRU. pre-order yours today!

thanks to david gauthier for helping out with the more tricky parts of eagle CAD.



  1. if your project is “open” where are the files? I have looked at most of your blog, and most of the links, and none of them mention the location of either the hardware or firmware file loactions. Dd I miss them somewhere?

    • no randy, you’re right. as of now there is no source files public. it’s a question of shame/pride from my side i guess, since both my code and my eagle files are terribly messy! (this is my first larger code + hardware project, so i am still learning)

      i have been planning to clean things up and go public for ages. i also want to migrate to another blog (this is not really my thesis anymore!). and so many other things. the list is long.

      but with the new revision of the hardware the eagle files are somewhat clean.
      now i just need to look at the code!

      either way, this should be done before MFRU/piksel, which is approx 1,5 weeks away. so hang on a little longer. it will be posted soon.


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